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Andrew has been a constant presence on the Melbourne gig scene since the year 2000.

Born and raised in Hobart, Andrew cut his teeth and gained valuable experience on the Tasmanian music scene before relocating to Melbourne.

Andrew is a founding and current member of Melbourne’s most successful coverband of the new millennium, ADAM12. He is also half of the successful acoustic duo, Kristin vs the Spider and has a passion for original music and composition and has been involved in numerous original projects over the past 25 yrs.

Now his journey continues as a solo acoustic act bringing the same professional attitude, heart and soul that has been a feature of his career to date.

“I often think in music

I live my daydreams in music

I see my life in terms of music”


-Albert Einstein


Andrew Gatenby – My journey in music


Music has been the love, light and obsession of my life since the age of 9, even before that I can mark events and the passage of time by which songs were popular.


Music is not something that was handed down to me, it didn’t have a stronger than normal presence in our family, therefore it’s something I have pursued of my own volition but always with the support of those closest to me.


From my early love of the saxophone, Primary Combined Concert Band, to studying Composition at the Tasmanian Conservatorium of music, all the time with a guitar as my companion, my life has been defined by the sounds and experiences and friendships that the journey of music has given me.


I adhere to the philosophy that there are only two kinds of music – good and bad, and even in the bad can usually be found something to appreciate….even if it’s only one note.


I have an appreciation and understanding of the deepest, darkest reaches of Death Metal as much as the delicate beauty of Bach’s Prelude in C major or the Jazz explorations of Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew”….and I love all things Rock and Roll.


In my Professional life Music is all I have ever known. In my early days as I studied I played gigs and taught guitar and finally I left my home state of Tasmania for mainland Australia where I formed a successful Coverband which gigged 5or 6 nights a week and to this day 3 times a week.

I also formed an acoustic duo to supplement my income which has consistently gigged twice a week the past 10 years, in this format I have learnt to be a singer to a level where I feel I can express myself and deliver a song in an honest and convincing manner, although this and the confidence it takes has in truth been my greatest challenge and one which I’m still trying to obtain a level of comfort and self satisfaction with.


Recently I have taken on the new challenge of solo acoustic gigs and I am enjoying the experience of working alone and adapting my craft to the solo acoustic gig parameters, including more vocal development, looping etc.


 So my week for the past 18 years in Melbourne has consisted of performing a minimum of 5 gigs of every description and situation imaginable, from sweaty pubs to corporate and major events to quiet Sunday afternoon acoustics. I know what it takes and means to be a professional musician, dedication, professionalism……and sacrifice.


In this time and throughout I have been involved in writing and recording music both on my own and as a member of various bands and projects. This has become my biggest source of enjoyment the past few years and I relish the creativity and possibilities of a recording studio be it a professional setup or my own home studio DAW.


I share my own music on various platforms including Soundcloud. These offerings don’t really follow any specific style or trend but more reflect the freedom I feel in expressing myself in whatever musical direction takes my fancy on any given day.


I have watched Technology change every facet of the music industry, some for the better, some not so and I have played the songs that have defined popular music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and into the new millennium. I have gained an understanding of how these songs work….and sometimes there is no rhyme and reason.


It’s really just all music to me, it’s all around us.

It means everything and it’s been my saviour through the darkest days when I’ve needed something to believe in and it’s always a central part of the good times….. and I am just a humble servant and will continue to be until the end.


 I love to talk music to anyone who’ll listen and share my experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained….and I still like to learn.


But my favourite part of music is and will always be listening.


That’s my journey in music.


Andrew Gatenby


“You know what music is ?

God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in the universe; harmonic connection between all living beings, everywhere, even the stars”


                                  -Robin Williams

Andrew Gatenby with Gibson 335
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